Release Date
July 15, 2024

Game Type
Video Slots


Low: 92.26%
Medium: 93.95%
High: 95.78%


Shell Shock

Step into the whimsical and eerie world of Shell Shock, where you can win big in a flash!

As you creep through the swampy castle grounds, you see a biohazard sign warning you not to explore further. You defiantly continue onwards and notice a turtle walking by, but its shell is glowing with green electricity! A flash of lightning illuminates the gothic architecture of the castle. Suddenly, you notice a windmill engulfed in flames. You’re not sure if it caught fire from a lightning strike, the chemicals in the swamp, or both. You finally reach the doors to the castle; Igor invites you in. You step into a laboratory and notice a brain in a jar, a Tesla coil, and a variety of strange neon elixirs. Then two figures approach from the far end of the laboratory: a young Dr. Frankenstein and his latest abomination, Frankenturtle! You aren’t sure which of the two you find more terrifying.

The laboratory is full of strange creations and powerful bonus features. The Shell Shock logo is the Wild symbol, and Frankenturtle is the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol lets you win more by completing wins, and gives you a 2X Multiplier during regular play! Land 3 or more Frankenturtle Scatter symbols to win 10 Free Spins! In addition to winning Free Spins, landing 3, 4, or 5 Frankenturtle Scatter symbols will multiply your win by 1x, 3x, or 100x!

Experience the madness of Shell Shock, where Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments lead to insane spins and electrifying wins!

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