Release Date
February 21, 2023

Game Type
Tap Games, Quick Play




BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Sonar readings have picked up a signal that shows massive stores of diamonds that are hidden deep in the ocean! These diamonds are yours for the taking, but be careful not to trigger any sea bombs while you’re at it!

Kaboom is an explosive one-of-a-kind specialty tap game with a game board that provides you with 25 mystery tiles to choose from. Each time you flip a tile you will either increase your wealth or trigger a fiery explosion.

Decide your risk level by choosing how many bombs there are each round; more bombs means you’re taking a higher risk, but your prize will be that much sweeter if you survive! You also have the option to manually flip tiles if you have a hunch about which ones are holding the diamonds, or you can automatically flip tiles with the Choose Randomly feature.

The Cash Out feature is there for you when you’re satisfied with your earnings and feel the risk is too high to continue. And those that are bold enough to continue have a chance to earn huge winnings by hitting the Jackpot!

Is it certain doom or will your winnings bloom? Take the plunge and find out in Kaboom!

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