Release Date
November 15, 2023

Game Type
Top Performers, Video Slots

Cluster Wins



Crocodile Hunt

Embark on an exhilarating adventure in the heart of the untamed wilderness with Rival’s thrilling new slot game – Crocodile Hunt! As Rival’s premier Cluster Wins slot, it unveils a 7×7 grid set amidst a lush, mysterious jungle teeming with the hidden treasures of the wild.

In this adrenaline-pumping game, your mission is to form clusters by connecting five or more symbols either horizontally or vertically. The bigger the cluster, the grander the rewards! Keep your eyes peeled for the Wild Symbol as it snappily replaces other gem symbols to enhance your winning potential.

But that’s not all. Brace yourself for the heart-racing cascade of the Crocodile Crunch Drop Symbols. These drops add an extra layer of thrill to your gameplay. And when fortune smiles upon you, the Free Spins bonus game is unleashed, promising an even more riveting experience.

The true gem of Crocodile Hunt lies in its innovative Snap ‘n’ Stack Multipliers¬†feature. Prepare for the ultimate rush as your wins stack up exponentially! The multiplier begins at 2x with the first drop sequence, paving the way for colossal wins. As the excitement builds with each consecutive win, the multiplier stacks up, doubling with every drop sequence. Reach for the stars as the multiplier escalates to an astounding 64X, offering a chance for monumental wins that’ll leave you in awe.

Stay sharp! With every non-winning drop sequence, the multiplier stack resets, urging you to keep your wits about you in this high-stakes pursuit.

Discover the jungle’s hidden fortunes, experience the rush of the wild, and chase down your colossal wins in Rival’s Crocodile Hunt! Play now and unleash the thrill of the hunt!


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