Release Date
September 6, 2023

Game Type
Specialty Games



Bingo 30 Ball

Welcome to 30-Ball BINGO! This game is part of our new BINGO series revamp to bring you an exciting new galaxy-inspired look and optimized gameplay experience!

30-Ball BINGO is played on a 3×3 grid with just oneway to win! As you draw numbers, you’ll have the chance to win by a Coverall!

The sky’s the limit; you’re able to choose up to 20 cards to play at once! Pick the number of balls to draw to influence both the payout and the odds of the game. Adjust the coin value to decide how much you’re willing to risk!

The future is looking bright with this nexus of fantastic features! We’ve made life easy for you with the Automatic Daubing feature. Use the REBET feature to instantly start a new match using the same parameters as the previous game.

Shoot for the stars and your winnings in 30-Ball BINGO might be out of this world!

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